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Fernando Sorrentino (Argentina. 1942)

Listen! Listen to There's a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella external link
Read There's a Man... external link (translation by Clark M. Zlotchew on the East of the Web)
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worddoc (2 pages)

new! Read Sorrentino's Message to Us Readers worddoc (1 page) as translated by michelle. The original in Spanish (add links) coming at some point

Read The Narrator Writes a Story, the Reader Always Reads Something Else, by Fernando Sorrentino, translated by Eric Russell worddoc (1 page).

Check out Fernando Sorrentino's website external link

Only for Intermediate students, and only as a first reading (later you should read the original translation, please): abridged version worddoc (1 page)

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