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Alice Walker (USA. b. 1944)

Alice Walker

link How Did I Get Away with Killing One of the Biggest Lawyers in the State? It Was Easy worddoc (2 pages) Listen! Listen to the story

link In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens worddoc (2 pages) - Translated (with comments) at Mujer Palabra

link Read excerpts from The Color Purple (1982) External Link
link An 8 min scene from the Spielberg movie (1985):
Everything you’ve done to me, you’ve already done to you

Listen! Watch & Listen! Democracy Now! Alice Walker on the 'Toxic Culture' of Globalization, October 27, 2004

Alice Walker on Obama and his autobiography Dreams from My Father

Book: Why War Is Never a Good Idea  

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link VG - Black Women Artists - Bio & more External Link

link Letter from Alice Walker to President Clinton External Link