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Speaking - Phonetics

arrow Pronunciation of the -ed ending audio!Explanations and exercises by michelle, including 2 pages of useful sentences with their audio
arrow Pronunciation of the -ed ending 02 - more stuff plus links to on-line exercises
arrow Phonetics in the Classroom: Phonetics 01 worddoc (1 page)
arrow Understanding the vowels worddoc (4 pages) by michelle (2006)

bullet Perfect Pronunciation Exercises external linkaudio (US American)
bullet Practice Pronunciation with the BBC external linkaudio! (British English)
bullet Tongue Twisters

bullet Dictionary with audios: Merriam-Webster On-line (English-English). Click on the loudspeaker audio! and you'll listen to the pronunciation of the word (US American).
bullet Pronunciation differences US/UK Englishes
bullet Sounds familiar? Accents and dialects of the UK external linkaudio (British Library) Link sent by Gonzalo (Y5, 2007-08)

bullet AN AMAZING EXTERNAL LINK: Learn how sounds sound!, their transcription, and more things! Click on the Lauch English Library External Link (on the right of the screen) and learn it all about the phonemic system!

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