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Skills - Speaking - Dialogues - Flatsharing

2 Task-Based Speaking Activities: 1. Looking for a Flat - Go to Task 2
Activity designed by YT (michelle) - Printer-friendly version of Tasks 1 & 2 Word doc (1 page)

You need a flatshare in London/Madrid. Discuss the following issues and then, in turns, report to the whole class. Source: a questionnaire at EasyRoomate External Link

Questions around the issue of flatmates Questions about the flat/apartment
Who would you like to live with? (What's your own description for these issues?)
Gender: male, female, it doesn't matter.
Mininum age:
Smoker?: Yes, no, it doesn't matter
Occupation?: student, professional, part-time worker, unemployed, it doesn't matter
Orientation?: straight, gay, bi-sexual, doesn't matter
Max. age:
Children?: yes, no, it doesn't matter
Pet?: yes, no, it doesn't matter
Preferred language:
Mother language:
Lifestyle (sleeping and eating): regular lifestyle for waking up and going to bed + eating; irregular going to bed hours, wake up early, go to bed late, one hot meal a day, the usual meals a day. cook, not cook.
What are you looking for, in terms of the flat?
Minimum rent:
Maximum rent:
Moving in on (date):
Desired area: all, select some you would like or the ones you wouldn't move into
>>> Description: Describe what you are looking for as precisely as you can. Comment on the discussion-who thought what and how you reached an agreement.

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