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Skills - Speaking - Dialogues - Flatsharing

3 Task-based Speaking Activities: 3. Moving In - 1st Day
Go to Sharing Flats/Apartments (T1), Organizing a New Flat Party (T2)
Activity designed by YT (michelle) - Printer-friendly version of Tasks 1 & 2 Word doc (1 page)

New Flat/Apartment: Work out your first day there
Describe your new place (house plan, furniture, your favorite room(s).),
which is full of boxes and packed stuff because you have just moved in!
Work out who's in charge of what : you need to.

• get some food and organize the meals for the day
• fix the intercom
• get light bulbs
• buy cleaning products
• organize your own stuff
• clean the place together

Useful language
(Agreed stuff) Who's doing this/that? Who's getting that?
(Spontaneous offering) I'll be in charge of. I'll do that .
(Plan/Intentions) So I'm going to . and you're going to. Is that right?
(Asking for info) Who knows how to fix things? Are you a handy person? What do we need to get/buy to clean this place? What's our budget? What do you feel like having for lunch?
(Asking for help) Could you help me move this box? Can you give me a hand in taking this box to my room?
(Making suggestions/advice) We should call the landperson for that.

More practice!