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Skills - Speaking - Dialogues - Friends visiting

A friend from Wales is coming!
Activity designed by TP (michelle)

All candidates the same text. Dialogue: 2 min. each candidate.

A friend of yours from Wales is coming to visit. You need to organize her first day here. Discuss the following questions:

-who is going to fetch/meet her at the airport? - where are you taking her?
-will you allow some time for her to have a rest, or sort her things out?
-meanwhile, who is/are going to do the shopping and cook a typical Spanish meal?

Afternoon/Evening: you will all go out together. Discuss:
-a sightseeing plan for the afternoon
-taking your friend out in the evening

Learning to think in terms of FUNCTIONS. Brainstorming on Language
Some ideas on language functions: proposals, suggestions, offering to do things, asking sb to do things, future arrangements, plans & intentions, possibility, checking people understand what you're saying, recapitulating.