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Speaking - Dialogues

Ideas for Speaking Tasks – Conversations

If you design Speaking Tests (situation + 3 points to mention), please, send them in for publication!


-National Healthcare Service
-Private Healthcare Companies
-Alternative medicine and therapies


-Buying a house
-Sharing a house with friends
-Sharing a house with acquaintances or people you don’t know

Daily Life

-Organizing/Organising the household chores
-Setting up a rota for shopping
-Organizing the sharing of expenses

Proposals in the Neighbourhood

-Build more bicycle lanes
-Create more pedestrian areas and parks
-Create more crèches (childcare facilities)
-Improve the cleaning and maintenance of streets
-Improve the collection of garbage
-Control the level of noise pollution

Talking about news

-the oil spill
-the economic crisis
-measures to fight the economic crisis