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Skills - Speaking - Dialogues - Organizing a party

Organizing a surprise party
Dialogue: 2 min. each candidate - Word doc worddoc (1 page)

You're organizing a surprise party for a friend. You've got a week to do so. Discuss the following questions, and each candidate should pose his/her own ideas (see below):

bullet an outdoor party or an indoor party, in a house or in a disco?
bullet food & drinks, music, activities
bullet cleaning and decorating (if appropriate)
bullet anybody staying over the night?

Candidate A
bullet an outdoor party, in the countryside
bullet each guest brings some food or some drinks
bullet you've got a friend coming from Australia who needs to find some place to stay

Candidate B
bullet an indoor party, in your house
bullet people bring the drinks, we three pay for the food
bullet who's cleaning when

Candidate C
bullet an indoor party, at a disco - rent the space
bullet collect some money from everybody
bullet you've got a friend who needs to stay over the night somewhere

Learning to think in terms of FUNCTIONS. Brainstorming. Some ideas on language functions: proposals, suggestions, offering to do things, asking sb to do things, future arrangements, plans & intentions, possibility, checking people understand what you're saying, recapitulating.