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Skills - Speaking - Dialogues - Picking sb up at the airport

Picking somebody up at the airport
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A: Hi B. Can I ask you a favour?
B: Sure
A: Could you pick my brother up from the airport tomorrow at 11am. I have to work
B: Sure. What does he look like?
A: Well he's shortish with dark brown hair. He's got a thick moustache and he's usually quite suntanned and he's in his mid-thirties.
B: And what's he like?
A: Well he's pretty easy-going, good sense of humour but he's a bit shy with people at first. Oh yeah one other thing. What are the best places to take him?
B: Well what does he like?
A: Well he's a bit boring like that. He really doesn't like much.
B: Look. You're in Madrid you can do loads of things. Take him to see Real Madrid if they're playing at home, or take him to Casa Patas to see some flamenco, or just go out in the city centre.
A: Yeah of course. Anyway Thanks I owe you one.