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Speaking - Dialogues - Tasks by Topic - Healthcare

Speaking Tasks – Conversations
If you work on these, please send your work to me, so we can create pages per topic!

In groups of three, work on these topics, collecting Useful Language and then, after picking three points to mention, practice/practise a conversation in 6 (2 people) or 9 (3 people) minutes.

Healthcare Points to talk about:

-National Health Service / Insurance
-Private Healthcare Companies
-Alternative medicine, remedies and therapies

Useful Language: – government subsidies, wait lists / waiting lists, affordable and accessible to all, universal coverage, the Welfare Society should provide…, getting acupuncture, using homeopathic remedies, taking Bach flowers, going to the chiropractic for recurrent muscle pains / for muscle treatment, taking different sorts of herbs, if … you can/could… do pilates

Learn to pronounce…
Health care a human right or a commodity? external link (mercancía, art. de consumo)
Pilates external link
Chiropractic treatment for low back problems external link