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Speaking - Dialogues - Tasks by Topic - Healthcare

Speaking Tasks – Conversations
If you work on these, please send your work to me, so we can create pages per topic!

In groups of three, work on these topics, collecting Useful Language and then, after picking three points to mention, practice/practise a conversation in 6 (2 people) or 9 (3 people) minutes.

Day-to-day Life

-Organizing/Organising the household chores
-Setting up a rota for shopping
-Organizing the sharing of expenses

Useful Language: why don't we set up a housework rota?, who's in charge of…? I can be in charge of that. I don't mind being in charge of that. How are we going to organize that? I hate …ing and you love …ing, so we could just … / Why don't we …,
OK, we sorted that out, now what about…?