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Speaking - Dialogues - Tasks by Topic - Neighbourhood

Speaking Tasks – Conversations
If you work on these, please send your work to me, so we can create pages per topic!

In groups of three, work on these topics, collecting Useful Language and then, after picking three points to mention, practice/practise a conversation in 6 (2 people) or 9 (3 people) minutes.

Proposals in the Neighbourhood

-Build more bicycle lanes
-Create more pedestrian areas and green areas / parks
-Create more crèches / nurseries (childcare facilities, baby sitting centres)
-Improve the cleaning and maintenance of streets: pruning trees
-Waste management: garbage/trash disposal, collection of garbage, neighbourhood recycling drop-off sites
-Protect the population from noise pollution
-Control the level of air pollution
-Stop creating shopping centres/ malls and start creating community centres which offer non-shopping leisure activities and workshops (to learn different contents and to train in different skills) – Leisure activities for the unemployed! – collaboration with non-profit organizations

Useful Language: to put forward a proposal, Contamination is simply the presence of a substance where it should not be or at concentrations above background. Pollution is contamination that results in or can result in adverse biological effects to resident communities.