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The Elderly. Monolog(ue), by Felicia (NA2)- Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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The Elderly. Monolog by Felicia (Avanzado 2, 2012-13)

listen! Listen! (5 minutes)

Feedback: Read as you listen

Great beginning incl. pron.

and WISDOM /wísdom/

they're a LARGE part of it

They're not taken into account AS THEY SHOULD / enough

The role they have AMONG us is…

/sapórt/ - support

They can take care of their GRANDchildren (?)

They can DO a lot of things for us (or HELP US IN NUMEROUS WAYS)

They can help businesses KEEP GOING IN OFF SEASON PERIODS, going on trips in low seasons...

another kind of stuff??? - "stuff" is informal. Did you mean "and this kind of things" or "and that kind of thing"...?

THIS last stage of their liveS

iT's difficult


spending time with other PEOPLE (not + s)

you are going to need help from OTHER PEOPLE

excellent -
remain in your house (also, MANAGE BY YOURSELF/ON YOUR OWN)

IN CASE you need

Another option could be HOME CARE (not "the")

who liveD / USED TO LIVE

She had problemS to REMEMBER that she WAS in DIFFERENT place

Excellent in self-correction!


If you wish, record it again at home, and send it in for publication! If you could attach the transcript (you can take it down as a dictation!), that'd be great!