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Proposals. Banning Pets in City Centres. Interaction (Avanzado) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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Proposals. Banning pets in city centres, by Laura, Ainhoa and Pablo (Avanzado 2, 2012-13)

Hello, dear people. I('ve) just jotted down some corrections. I might include more corrections whenever I get some free time!! Your English is good, people. Ainhoa's is more consolidated and correct (she's actually very clearly in the C1 fringe), Laura's and Pablo's is quite good (minimum a B2+)-- Laura needs more speaking practice (use your textbook audios, or my podcast or others to listen and repeat, for example) to gain more confidence and fluency and Pablo needs to be more careful with preventable and fixable grammar mistakes. The three can pass a B2 oral test.

Remember that speaking tasks asking people to defend positions are not reflecting people's true opinions about things. It's just a speaking exercise. The important thing is that people manage to communicate and show they can speak the language, like these three students do here!

Suggestion: Last week I heard...

ITTTTTTT's - pronounce the "t"!

bad for me, for my TARGETS / AIMS / BUSINESS / PURPOSES

I don't know WHY THERE'S SUCH a prejudice with dogs

I clean up all the things my dog DIRTIES

kids without a leash?! (CAN'T understand this)

Because dogs are not on their leashes

Sometimes owners are not CIVIC

IT would be necessary to ban a lot of things, THEN

CARS are more dangerous (omission of "the")

UNCIVIL behavio(u)r

To ban / Banning ... is a very hard law / A BIT OVER THE TOP (alternative)

DOGS ARE HEALTHIER when they live in the countryside

Because people ARE going to be...?

A very very SWEET dog!

We could MAKE a proposal to the major

DESIGNING educational program(me)s

in order to ORGANIZE /órganais/

to prevent UNCIVIL behavio(u)r in the park