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Monologue about Food (B1, B2) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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Monologue about Food (Intermediate), by Ana A. (Intermedio 2, 2012-13)

listen! Listen!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful monologue. The teacher's corrections are in block letters.

I'm going to speak about this topic: "You are what you eat". I think THIS STATEMENT's true, because, in my opinion eating is the base not only for our health but ALSO FOR our life.

Next, I'm going to talk about my personal diet. I'm a healthy person. I take care of my diet and I do exercise three times a week. Besides, I follow a varied diet. I usually have vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, rice, pasta, eggs, brown bread, flakes, dairy products and fruit.

About the dishes that I cook, I usually cook grilled or roasted chicken, fish and meat. On the other hand, I prefer to cook / COOKING boiled vegetables, rice or pasta with a little olive oil. I hate fat SO I don't have any fried FOOD. I cook all kindS of food in a healthy way.

About my MEALS, I usually have five meals per day. For breakfast, I have an orange juice, a kiwi, a cup of coffee with milk, and flakes or toast with strawberry jam. At mid morning, I usually have a YOGURT or a piece of fruit. For lunch, I have pasta or rice two days a week and the other days I have vegetables, fish or meat. I always have a piece of fruit before the meal because nutritionists recommend EATING FRUIT before lunch. For snack, In the afternoon, I usually have a yogurt or a cup of coffee, or sometimes tea. And for dinner, I usually have a light dinner -- grilled fish or chicken, or an omelette with fresh cheese.

Kids against hungerAdditionally, when I go out for lunch or for dinner, I like going to different places although I prefer restaurants where I can have healthy food, LIKE for example, The WoK. I ALSO like going out to Italian and Greek restaurants because their food is healthier than the others.

Finally, I would like to say, I don't like wasting food because nowadays there is a lot of hunger in the world. On TV, I watch on TV images of starving children (S + V + O), particularly in some African countries, so I am very careful with the amount of food I buy and  cook. I make sure that there is nothing or very little food left over each time I cook.

In conclusion, I like to take care of what I eat, because my health and my mind will be better if I eat healthy and I do exercise regularly / IF I FOLLOW A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!