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Music Festivals. Interaction (Intermediate) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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Music Festivals, by Patricia and Juan Carlos (Intermediate) - 5 minutes

listen! Listen!

Read the transcript which includes the teacher's corrections in BLOCK letters.

JC: Hi Patricia! How are you?
P: Hello JC. I'm really happy because I've been listening TO my favourite song when I was coming to class.
JC: Good. What's that song?
P: The title /taitl/ is "Fix you" /fiks iú/ BY ColdPlay. Do you know ColdPlay?
JC: Not REALLY. I only listen TO music in the Top 40s!
P: I SEE. Do you listen TO Spanish music?
JC: Well, I prefer English/BRITISH music. I like groups or artists like Queen, U2. BUT my favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen.The best is The Boss!
P: I know THESE bandS and I like listening to this singer. Have you ever been to a musical festival?
JC: Well I've only BEEN TO differnt concerts BY different bands. But it was only BY BRITISH bands. I don't like Spanish BANDS. Perhaps some singers and song writers like Sabina, Fito, Amaral... But I dislike OTHER pop singers like Bustamante, Falete... And have you ever BEEN TO a festival or concert?
P:Yes, I went last summer to Sonorama Music Festival in Aranda de Duero. I was my first music festival experience and I'll never forget it because I enjoyeD it very much.
JC: I've heard on the radio that NEXT SUMMER there will be a MUSIC festival here in Spain.But I don't remember the name.
P: Maybe you have heard about BBK. I'M GOING TO go with my friends because my favourite bands will play there.
JC: Who will play there?
P: Depeche Mode, ... and many OTHER bands. Similar TO THOSE. Would you like to go to some musical festival this summer?
JC: I would like TO. It could be a good experience. But I'm not sure IF I'D LIKE THAT KIND OF MUSIC. IN ANY CASE, it must be ALSO great to visit the city, I MEAN, if you TRAVEL TO A CONCERT, then you can also visit that city and do /kálcharl/ cultural activities, I think.
P: I SEE. WELL, if you like pop-rock music I recommend YOU VISIT Bilbao because the BBK festival is about rock music and you'LL enjoy it. If you prefer alternative music you should go to Benicassim, Arenal Sound in Castellón, Rock in Río in Madrid, ViñaRock in Albacete.
JC: It soundS great. And... How much DOES it COST?
P: I don't know exactly. ABOUT 100 €. It's a bit expensive, but you can listen to many bands.
JC: Who will play, DID YOU SAY?
P: Greenplay... I think U2, TOO, but I don't know FOR sure. Would you like to come with us, with my friends and me? / WHY DON'T YOU COME with us?
JC: Oh, yeah. It soundS great. I would be great fun! And how ARE YOU GOING TO travel to Bilbao? By car, train or bus? P: We are 5. We ARE GOING TO TRAVEL by car because it's cheaper.
JC: I have a tent for 6 people. I could be in charge of THAT, if you LIKE THE IDEA.
P: It's a great IDEA. We had thought of BUYING one!
JC: Then, we can put money in common to share the /di/ expenses of gasoline, food and drinks, especially drinks.
P: Oh, yes. It's a good idea. I'll call you this week and WE CAN ARRANGE IT ALL!
JC: OK, perfect.