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Speaking about an airport experience, by Laura (NI2)- Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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Airport Experiences, by Laura (Intermedio 2, Intermediate, CEFR B1) - *British English

This monolog was intended to help students master the use and pronunciation of the past simple.

I'm Laura and I'm going to tell you about something that happened to me two years ago. I was travelling* round Italy with my best friend and we were having a good time. But we hadn't* got enough money to continue with our trip. So we decided to go to the /di/ airport to get back to Spain. When we were waiting to check in we realized that we couldn't fly with our luggage because we had two big rucksackS. michelin dollsThe AIRPORT staff told us that we couldn't travel with THOSE BAGS and THAT we had to pay 200 euros if we wanted to travel. We were very confused because we hadn't got ANY money. So we rushed to the toilet to see what we could /kud/ do to solve this problem! Then -- without thinking so much / without thinking twice -- we opened our rucksackS and put on all the clotheS that we had! We looked like two Michelin dolls!!

So we went back to the check-in desk and the woman who was waiting for us told us: "OK, girls, you CAN fly, but you have to hurry up because the plane IS going to take off." We were RELIEVED and delighted because we could fly and we went quickly to the pass control. When we arrived there we were exhausted (not "very exhausted", because "exhausted" is an extreme adjective. It sounds very funny though! :D ) because it was very difficult to run wearing all THOSE clothes. Fortunately, we managed to get on the plane and to come /kam/ back to Spain. But we had a very hard time because it was very very hot and we were sweating VERY much!