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Speaking about sb you love, by Mónica (NI2)- Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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Mónica and her grandmaaudio Listen!

Speaking Task: My Grandmother (2 minutes), by Mónica Rodríguez Casaú (Intermedio 2, 2012-13)

In 2013, Mónica got her first job as a sport journalist! So here goes this affectionate homage to her grandmother!


No mistakes till this one: We USED TO go for WALKS

She didn't say ANYthing / She didn't COMPLAIN / She SAID NOTHING

She always cooked a fish that I LOVE.

EVERYBODY in the village loved her.


I want to be A journalist for her! BECAUSE OF her!

I KEEP GOING to the village, but when I DO, I remember her... (So it's a bit hard...)