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A Traffic Accident: My Life-death Experience, by Mª Jesús (Y5) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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A Traffic Accident: My Life-death Experience

Hiya, Michelle!

If you think my monologue is OK to be published I'll agree with your decision.

What I did was:
- First I read an article in our upper-intermediate textbook, "We´re going to crash! and I thought that it was easier for me to tell a true story, a personal story.
- I collected Useful Language.
- I did my outline.
- I practiced speaking about my accident many times and then
- I recorded and listened to it many times, too.
- I sent it to Michelle for feedback and got my LoM, so I worked a bit more on it.
- Finally, I told the story in the class at Plenary and we worked on my LoM

(Michelle: But Mª Jesús had few! Lots of improvement!)

Mª Jesús (5ºB)


/shud/ - should (no "l")

one of these boyS

/nérvs/ - nervous

to leave THE PLACE quickly

/fil-din/ filled in (short "i" not long "i")

pass BY that street