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Speed Dating, by Jaceline (Y5) - Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking

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Y5B. Jaceline, on Speed Dating + How I Prepared this monologue

listen! Listen to Jaceline's presentation (3gp file, 3 minutes)

What I did was:
- I listened to the audio on speed dating twice a day or even more
- I read an article about speed dating in our textbook
- I collected Useful Language and did an outline
- I practiced speaking about speed dating MANY TIMES
- I recorded it many times too, to listen to it, until I liked my presentation!

Result: I nearly know it by heart, actually!

Teacher's comment: I think this is the first time that a student has followed my procedural instructions (How to Work on your Monologs external link), instead of not doing it or complaining about them! And of course, the result is amazing. The point of not writing monologs down, of doing them while following an outline is not only crucial for Speaking Tests. It's connected to practicing SPEAKING, not writing!! And also, to developing the habit of listening to English and learning "grammar" by ear, avoiding literal translation; to developing the habit of listening to yourself to monitor your production, avoiding having mistakes you can actually fix!; to developing the habit of getting used to your voice in English, so that your ear won't block when it hears your voice... among other relevant things!

So, Jaceline, thanks for your work. Congratulations, too! There were just two mispronunciation mistakes! The language range you use is so rich and accurate, and you're so fluent!