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100-125 words. Apologising (UK) / Apologizing (US)
Informal Formal
Hi, Martin!

Sorry about last night. I was held up at work. Then I got stuck in a traffic jam! I didn't get home till half past six! I needed to change my clothes and have a quick shower. Then I had something to eat, because I hadn't had a bite since breakfast! I tried to get you on your mobile, but it was switched off. So I texted you I was going to be late, but you obviously didn't get to read my message. When I got to the club, you were not there. I suppose you had given up waiting for me... I'm so sorry!!! I hope you're not too cross with me. Please, forgive me!

Lots of love!


(About 120 words)
Dear Ms Oddsocks,

I am writing to apologise for yesterday evening. Unfortunately I was delayed at work. Later I found myself stuck in late afternoon rush hour traffic. I did not arrive home until 6.30 pm. I had a snack and attempted to contact you on your mobile phone, unsuccessfully. Apparently, it was switched off. I decided to send you a text message to inform you that I was going to be late for our meeting, in case it was of any use. I realize you did not get a chance to read my message, because when I got to the restaurant you had already left. I do apologise.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Steward

(About 115 words)

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