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How to Write a Composition 4 - Writing

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A. Select a topic or Study your assignment (Page 1)
B. Gather ideas and organize them (Page 2)
C. Express your ideas effectively, use structure and language to do that (Page 3)
D. Practice! (Page 4)
Source: Your teacher's notes from A New English Course by Rhodri Jones adapted to your learning situation.

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D. Practice!

Look at these titles and jot down other titles you find or can think of:

The House of Fear
A Room of One's Own
Voyage in the Dark
The Gourmet Cookbook
Plant and Animal Ways
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Daughters of Africa
A Practical English Grammar
Tales of Tenderness and Power
A Streetcar Named Desire

Answer these questions, which will help you analyze them.

1. Do you think these titles belong to practical writing or to creative writing?
2. What do you think is the theme for each title?
3. What is the author like? (Character, mood) [ ¬ Tone]
4. Which title or titles appeal most to you? Explain why, please.
5. Which title or titles appeal least to you? Why?
6. Invent an opening and a closing sentence for one of those titles.
7. Explain why you find your sentences effective or mediocre!
8. Try to write an essay about the topic you have chosen. Keep in mind what you learnt.

How to Write an Essay/Composition: Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

How to Improve your Writing
How to Write/Think/Speak (< How to Learn)