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Useful Language - In the classroom 01

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In the Classroom (Grammar Teams)

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I put together some useful language for grammar teams. Send in your sentences, so that we can expand this list. I am going to read each sentence twice, so you can listen first and then join me saying the sentence!

Listen to these sentences at the TP Podcast, direct link here external link

Sorry, I didn’t hear. Can you say that again, please?
Can you repeat the last part, please?
I didn’t understand the first part.
I didn’t understand what you said, sorry!
What did you say?
I didn’t understand the part about (topic). Could you explain it again?
Who starts?
I’ll start. Let see… What’s your answer for question 1?
That’s right. Well done!
Oh, sorry, that’s not correct. The correct answer is…
I don’t understand why
I don’t understand why you need to use the (present simple) here.
I don’t understand why we have to use the (present perfect continuous) here.
Why is this wrong?
Whose turn (is it)?
(It’s) My turn.
(It’s) Sarah’s turn.
Where are we?
In question number 6.
I’ll read it, then.
What page?
We’re on page 27, exercise 2, question number 3.
Go to the Grammar Reference section at the end of the book, please, page…
Sorry, I can’t hear. Could you speak a bit louder?
Could you turn up the volume? It’s too low.
Hold on. I’m not ready. OK, ready! So, where are we?
So what do we have to do now?
What do we have to do?
We have to check our answers.
We should take turns, so everybody can speak.
Let me read the answers.
You can read each question/sentence in turns, and I can check the answers, if you like.
OK / Great
That’s fine/OK
Is it right?
Is this right?
There’s a mistake here/there.
You see, you shouldn’t use (whatever) here. You need to use (whatever) instead.
Could we check exercise 3 on page 34?
Could we check this exercise?
Have we got enough time?
How much time have we got?
We should hurry. We’re running out of time.
We need to finish this first.
Ask the teacher for 5 more minutes, please!
Did you understand it?
I don’t know how to do this.
I didn’t know how to do this exercise.
I couldn’t do this exercise.
Is it OK if I switch on the lights?
Is it OK if we sit over there?
Is it very difficult?
I made it! (Lo conseguí)
We made it! (Lo conseguimos)
Did you do (exercise 3)?
Did you find it hard?
Was it OK?
Was it easy?
This part is the most difficult part.
This part is the easiest.
This part is OK.
What about you?
What about this part?
Who wants to start?
I’ll start, if you don’t mind.
I’d like to start, if you don’t mind.
Let me look it up in my dictionary.
I’ll look it up.
You should check out this website. It’s really useful.
I’ll check it out. Thanks.
Let me see…
Let me think…
Hold on… Let me check…
Why is this so?
How come? / Why (is that)?
I’m not sure.
Oh, I remember. That’s because…
Let’s ask the teacher.
Do you know?
Did you get it? (understand)
I didn’t get it
Did you get this part?
I didn’t get the part about (whatever)
Can you spell that, please?
Oh my! Could you write it down?
Can you say that again, please?
Say that again, please!
Wait for me!
Can you pronounce this? Again?
I agree on that. And what about…?
I see your point but don’t you think we should…?
I don’t quite agree with that. You see, …
So… what shall we do now?
So… where shall we start?
So… who starts?
So… this is like this because of this…
We’ve just finished! (UK)
We just finished! (US)
I’ve just arrived (UK)
I just got here (US)