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Describing a Friend - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Describing a Friend - Monolog(ue) to practice descriptions of a third person in the singular who is alive

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I'm going to speak about my friend Nora. ("going to" future)

Nora is one of my best friends. She is 23 years old. She comes from Quebec, the French area in Canada, so she is Canadian. She lives in Quebec, but this year she is living in Madrid because she is learning Spanish. She speaks French and English very well! She is an office worker, but this year she is a student.

She is tall and she has long blond hair and green eyes. She is very kind and generous. She is intelligent and funny.

Nora has a small family: her mother, her brother and her pet! Her mother is an interpreter and her brother works for an international company. They live in a house in Quebec.

Nora's favo(u)rite time of the day is the morning, because she starts a new day! Her favo(u)rite day of the week is Saturday, because it's the beginning of the weekend. Her favo(u)rite month is April and her favo(u)rite season is spring. She also likes the summer, because we are on holidays.

Nora likes a lot of things. About her hobbies, she loves music and dancing. She likes writing songs, too! We like spending time together because it's fun. Sometimes we sing her songs. She has a beautiful voice! Nora also likes computers. She's very good at computers! She has a blog and she often posts about her day. Her family read her posts and they post comments! Nora doesn't like waiting for the bus! She hates it! And she hates shopping, too!

Nora and I like spending time together. We have fun together. And she can practice (US)/practise (UK)her Spanish! I am learning French, too! I like her because she's always there when I need her.

That's all.

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