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My Last Weekend - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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My Last Weekend - Monologue to practice narratives of past actions and events

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Then listen again and again and notice the TENSES: how many pasts are there? Which are the other tenses or verbs? I highlighted in pink the other tenses. Are those changes the same in your language? (past - present)

I'm going to speak about my past weekend. ("going to" future)

What did I do on my last weekend? Let me think… Oh, yes! I remember!

My cousin George got married last Saturday, so I went to his wedding. I live in Madrid, but he got married in Toledo, so my brother picked me up and we drove to Toledo for his wedding.

On Saturday, I got up very early -- at eight. I had a shower and I had breakfast (some orange juice and cookies) and I went to get the wedding present. I gave them an etching by Miquel Barceló. He is a Spanish painter and my cousin and I love him! Then I walked to the hairdresser's. I hate going to the hairdresser's. It hurts! But it was necessary!! (eek!) After that, I had a sandwich and a soft drink for lunch. Then I got dressed for the wedding. I wore a beautiful blue dress, dark blue shoes, and I carried a blue handbag, oh, and I wore an orange coat and a pair of gold earrings.

My brother and I set off for Toledo at about three. We all met at the church. (I am a non-believer, but it was my cousin's wedding!) Then, my cousin and his fiancée got married! (I'll never get married! It's a promise!) I said hello to them and to our family, and I met his friends. After the wedding we went to a restaurant. We had dinner. Everything was delicious! After dinner we had cake and champagne, too! I was full! And after that we went to a disco. I met a very nice man called Leo. We danced all night! In the early morning, we all drove to Madrid. We had the typical early morning breakfast, "chocolate con churros." "Chocolate" is thick hot cocoa and "churros" are a kind of pastry. Then we went home. I got home at about eleven in the morning! It was fun!

On Sunday I had a quiet day. I slept until 1.30! Then I did some housework while I listened to music. I love music! In the evening Leo phoned. We met again! We went to the cinema. The film was very good. Then I went back home, because I get up very early on Monday.

It was a very good weekend. I had a lot of fun! / I had a great time!

That's all! (400 words)

The audio includes pronunciation practice and some language comments