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My Lifestyle - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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My Lifestyle - Monolog(ue) to practice narratives in the present tenses

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I'm going to speak about my lifestyle. ("going to" future)

I'm an evening / a morning person but I like sleeping! I usually sleep for eight hours, but sometimes I sleep for ten hours! I love that!

I drink a lot of water -- well, two liters in winter, and more in summer. I don't usually drink alcohol -- except when I go out with my friends!

I have a healthy diet. I eat a lot of fruit. I love fruit! And I always have vegetables or salads in my meals. I use olive oil in my salad! Olive oil is very healthy. I also eat chicken and fish. I hardly ever eat meat. I love bread and butter! / I'm a vegetarian. I never eat meat, any kind of meat. / I'm a vegan. I never eat anything from animals. /Oh, and I have cereals (for breakfast) and pulses, too: lentils and chickpeas are my favourite!

I smoke about three cigarettes a day. And I don't do much exercise, really. I just walk to work. Well, nobody's perfect! / I don't smoke. I do exercise every day. I go swimming three times a week. I go running every weekday. And at weekends I go trekking in the mountain. When I stay here some Saturdays I play football with my friends.

The worst for me is rushing. Some days I rush everywhere! And then I'm stressed out!

Most days I don't rush. I have a good time with people, or on my own. And every day I try to do something good for someone, including myself!

Well, that's it!

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