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Likes & Dislikes - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Likes and Dislikes - Monolog(ue) to practice narratives in the present tenses

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(Remember that "I can type" means "Sé escribir a máquina", and "Puedo escribir a máquina")

What do you like? What don't you like?

My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I love Saturdays! I get up late in the morning, I have a shower and my favorite breakfast: natural orange juice and a white coffee. If I am hungry, I have some toast with jam or honey, or an apple, a crunchy apple! Then I go out for a walk, and after that, I go shopping for food. I don't like that much, but on Saturdays our fridge is empty, like the Sahara desert! In the afternoons I read or paint or listen to music. Sometimes I go out with my friends. I love that! My partner and I usually have dinner late in the evening on Saturdays, while we watch a movie! We love watching movies together!

My favorite season is spring. I was born in spring, so I feel very energetic! I write poems and stories, and go dancing with my friends! And I love going for walks in spring. Over here, it's sunny and fresh in spring. I love that! And the trees are blooming or full of green buds. It's amazing.

I can't cook, but I love having a delicious home-made meal! My partner is a very good cook. He cooks meat very well – grilled fish, roasted lamb, roasted chicken, and then sometimes sirloin. He can cook paella, too. "Paella" is a Spanish meal. It has rice and seafood, and sometimes bits of chicken, too.

I love bikes and motorbikes. I can't use my bike because my knees hurt. But I can drive! So I want to buy a motorbike one day! I love riding motorbikes. But it's dangerous. You have to be very careful. But it's fun.

I like all kinds of music, except opera and techno music. I love jazz, all kinds of jazz, blues, R&B, soul, funky music, hip hop, disco music, classical music, flamenco, pop, rock, brutal death rock, flamenco chill-out, world musics, especially African music! All kinds! I love music! But I can't sing. Anyway, I love singing! But I only sing at home. And I can't play any instrument. I would like to play the piano, or I would like to play the guitar, but I can't.

I don't like shopping much, but I enjoy shopping for presents, and for books and music. When I shop for books, I buy all kinds of books: novels, poetry, short stories, travel guides, history books, comics… both in English and Spanish. I also get specialized magazines, about art, and travel mostly.

Sometimes I also enjoy shopping for clothes. Not always! You see, I hardly ever find the clothes I like! Or the clothes that suit me! I hate that! But when I find things I like, I love shopping for clothes!

I'm not a sports person, really. I prefer dancing. Or going for walks. You see, I don't like sports much. Well, I like watching the Olympic Games. I love that! But I don't like sweating!!

I like going to concerts, and going to art galleries and museums. I like going on excursions, too. I like traveling, in Spain and abroad. Now I can't travel much, because I have no money.

Well, that's all!

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