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Today! (2) My Day Today 2.1 & 2.2 - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Today! (2) My Day Today (audio 2.1)

listen! Listen to Audio 2.1 external link

A little note on the Present Perfect: form

The present perfect (called pretérito perfecto when I was little, and nowadays, pretérito perfecto compuesto or antepresente in Spanish) is a perfect tense, so it needs "have" as the auxiliary verb, "have" in the present, not in the past (in the past it would form a past perfect, or pluscuamperfect, called pluscuamperfecto or antepretérito in Spanish)! Then, we use the main verb in the past participle (-ed ending in regular verbs – yes, like the Past simple! – and 3rd column in list of irregular verbs). By the way, pay attention to the pronunciation of the -ed ending of the regular verbs!

What Have You Done Today? (example 1)

In the afternoon, in the language lesson, you are practicing/practising in pairs.

Your classmate asks you: What have you done today?
You: Well, today I have woken up very early. And you? What have you done today?
Your classmate: I have borrowed two books from the library. (I need them for a project.) What have you done in the afternoon?
You: Well, I have had lunch, I have had a 20-minute nap or siesta! And now I'm here! And what about you? What have YOU done this afternoon?
Your classmate: I have done nothing! / I haven't done anything!
You: But you are here! That's something!
Your classmate: Let's call the teacher! Teacher, we have finished!
Teacher: Good pronunciation of "finished", well done! No, you haven't finished! Drill, come on! One picks a verb and the other uses it to make a sentence. Come on!
You: OK. I'll start. Buy!
Your classmate: I have bought a cheese and ham sandwich. What about you?
You: I have bought the bread today.
Your classmate: PHONE! with the 3rd person singular!
You: Has your brother phoned Mary?
Your classmate: Well done! I have phoned my friend in Canada.
You: My turn: HEAR!
Your classmate: Have you heard the news?
You: Which?
Your classmate: My brother is going to get married!
You: Really? Is it true? (For real? - US)
Your classmate: Yes, it is! Have you forgotten?!
You: Hahaha... You're good!!! Now in the negative... I haven't seen Carmen. With MEET!
Your classmate: I haven't met Carmen yet.

In this way, they passed many pleasant hours! :D

For examples 2 and 3, listen to the second part of Today! (2): My Day Today (audio 2.2)

Exam tips: remember that a Speaking test is not a Writing test. At the Elementary / Pre-intermediate level, at Spanish public adult language schools (EOIs), if you are asked to write about your day today, you should not list sentences, you should write sentences in a narrative (in a story, with paragraphs). When you list sentences you can use bullets, but in Compositions you can never use bullets, because it's a narrative, not a list!!

Today! (2): My Day Today (audio 2.2)

listen! Listen to Audio 2.2 external link This is the last part of the previous episode.

What Have you Done Today? (example 2)
It is June, 7.55 PM, and the Oral Examiner has asked you: What have you done today? (About 6-8 correct sentences is usually fine)

Sorry, can you repeat, please? / Excuse me, can you say that again, please? (The examiner poses the question again.)
OK, thank you.
Well, today I have had a shower.
I have had an orange juice and a coffee for breakfast. (I love natural orange juice!)
I have been to university. (I study Journalism.)
I have revised English and German at home (for my Final Language exams...)
(To yourself) What else...? Oh, today I have taken a bus here (to this language school). (Sometimes I walk.)
Today I have walked my dog for half an hour.
I haven't picked my copies at the copy shop. (I forgot.)
I have watered the plants in my room.
Today I have had no fruit. (There's no fruit at home! / There isn't any fruit at home today.)
I haven't done the shopping. (I go shopping on Saturdays.)
I have heard the news on the radio. / I have watched the news at lunch time.
Today I have told  my mother about a university project I am doing, and my project classmates and I have interviewed one more person.

Verb Analysis: ...

My Day Today (example 3)
You are practicing/practising the Present Perfect with a classmate in a coffee shop or cafeteria, in the evening. You never speak Spanish when you do this -- that's why your English is improving fast!

Classmate: Shall we start? What have you done today?
You: Yes, good idea. OK, well, today I have done a lot of things. I always do a lot of things every day. That's why I'm always busy! Well, … I have been to work.
I have done some housework.
I haven't had lunch -- I had no time! -- but I've had a merienda -- our tea-time in Spain (UK), an afternoon snack (US). I had an apple... -- An apple a day keeps the doctor away!, you know.
Oh, today I have also studied English with some audios. Listen and repeat! And I have read /red/ a story by Gertrude Stein, "The World Is Round." Nice!
Your classmate: with "answer"...
You: Ah! I have answered the phone three times. / I have answered the door once. / I have answered a lot of questions in my job.
Your classmate: with "ask"!!!
You: You're so cruel! It's hard to pronounce... I have asked a question to my boss. / I have asked my boss a question. / (I have asked Mary to wait for me!)
Your classmate: with "listen"...
You: I have listened to the news. I have also listened to some music. More!: I have watched The Mentalist. Oh, I have lost my umbrella!! And I have missed the train, so I was late! :D
Your classmate: with "buy"...
I have bought a ticket to Segovia, for next Sunday.
Your classmate: You're really good at English! Congratulations!! Now with "call" or "phone"...
You: I haven't called my grandmother. (That's bad! Poor granny!) Let me call her now! …

Verb Analysis: ...