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My Neighbo(u)rs - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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My Neighbors - Monolog(ue) to practice narratives of events in the present, including present continuous

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Notice: my neighbours upstairs / downstairs but my upstair / downstair neighbours! (That's because in the second it's like an adjective, and adjectives NEVER TAKE -s!!!)

I have a lot neighbo(u)rs because I live in a large building. My next door neighbo(u)rs are wonderful. They aren't noisy, except the daughter plays the violin. But she just plays the violin for two hours a day, and that's in the afternoon, so it's OK. I like these neighbo(u)rs because we help each other when we need each other!

I don't have problems with my neighbo(u)rs across the hall and I don't have problems with my downstair neighbo(u)rs -- We are polite quiet people. But we don't help each other. We just say hello when we meet.

However, I have a lot of problems with my upstair neighbo(u)rs. They're a very noisy family. The man is always drinking. He and his wife are always arguing! The children are always shouting, too! And the TV is always on! And it's always very loud! The children even rollerskate in the house! Their parents are always moving the furniture. I can't understand that. And all of them litter the lift (UK) / trash the elevator (US). I always find food wraps and things! They are so dirty! The man smokes in the lift, too!

But the rest of my neighbo(u)rs are OK!

That's all!

(180 words)