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Questions & Answers 1 - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Questions and Answers 01

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How are you?
I'm OK
How are you doing? (This is NOT: What are you doing? This is: How are you?)
So, so
How are you?
I'm a bit upset. My grandma is in hospital.
Oh, I'm sorry. Hope she gets well soon!
Thanks. That's really kind of you.
How are you?
I'm really happy. I got a scholarship!
What's wrong? (You ask this question when you know something is not OK)
I'm very tired. I'm always busy! I want a holiday!
What about you?
I'm fine, thanks. Don't worry. Let's go for a drink, come on! You need a break!

I usually sleep 8 hours a day, but today I only slept 6 hours! So I'm very sleepy!
It's three o'clock! I'm very hungry!
It's very hot in here. I'm very thirsty!

What's the time?
What time is it?
Oh. It's five past.
Five past what?
Five past six.

What's the time?
It's half past eight
What's the time?
It's twenty to seven

Where are you from?
Sorry? I can't hear well. Can you turn down the volume?
Yes, I can. Is it OK now?
Yes, thank you.
Where do you come from?
Oh, I'm Spanish. I come from Spain.
Where in Spain?
I'm from Toledo, but I live in Madrid.
What languages do you speak?
I speak Spanish and French, and at the moment I'm learning English!
Where do you live?
I live at Gran Calle 22, in Madrid
Where do you live?
I live in Gran Calle, Madrid
What's the city code?
28032 - ...
Great. Thanks. Now, what's your phone number?
My home phone number is 34 1 678 4435. Do you need my mobile phone?
It's not really necessary.
Are you on email?
Yes, I am.
What's your email?
My email is manumanuaiela AT Shall I repeat?
Yes, please. Just the first part.

Do you have any siblings?
What's “siblings”?
“siblings” means “brothers and sisters”
Oh. Yes, I have a sister. Her name's Estrella.
What's your father's name?
His name's Jaime
What's your mother's name?
Her name's Lameta

Who's that?
That's my best friend.
And who's the girl in blue?
She's my cousin. She's three.
How old are your parents?
My father is 76 and my mother is 82
How old is your sister?
She's 24.
How old are you?
Hey, wait a moment! That's very personal. Why do you want to know?
Just wondering.

What do you do?
I'm a pilot. I work as a pilot in a Spanish airport!
How interesting!
How often do you fly?
It depends. I hardly ever fly every day. I often fly on Mondays. I usually fly three days a week.
Do you ever fly at weekends?
No, I don't. I never fly at weekends!

Do you like travelling?
Sure! I love travelling. And I love flying! That's why I'm a pilot!
How many countries do you know?
I know about 38 different countries!
How exciting! You are very lucky!

Would you like to have a drink?
Yes, please! That would be lovely!
Would you like to go for a drink?
Yes, please! That'd be very nice!
Would you like to go out for a drink?
Yes, please! That would really nice!
Would you like to go dancing?
Sure! I love dancing!
Would you like to go for a walk?
Of course! I love going for walks!
Would you like to go on an excursion?
Sorry, I can't. I'm very busy this week.

Would you like some coffee?
Yes, please.
Would you like a coke?
Yes, please.
Ice, lemon?
No ice, please.

Can I have a steak and chips, please?
Certainly. Anything else?
I would like a dessert, too. What do you have?
We've got fruit, cakes and rice pudding.
A piece of fruit, please. An orange!
Here you are.
Thank you. How much is it?
It's 25.20 (25 euros and 20 cents).
How expensive!
How much is it?
It's 5 euros.
How cheap!

What would you like (to have)?
Can I have a beer, please?
I'll have a beer (spontaneous decisión)
I'd like (to have) a beer, please.
Anything else?
Yes, please. I'd like a sandwich too. And a chicken salad.
How much is it?
That'll be 8 euros.
Here you are.
Thank you.

How often do you go to language lessons?
I go to my English lessons twice a week.
How often does your sister go to her lessons?
My sister goes to English lessons three times a week.
Do you do sports?
Yes, I do. I go swimming once a week.
My brother goes swimming every day!

Tell me about your routines!
Oh, no! My life is very boring!
I'm just joking! / I'm just kidding
On weekdays I wake up at quarter past eight. I get up 10 minutes later! I have a shower. Then I have breakfast. After breakfast I get dressed and go to work. I usually take the bus and walk a little bit. I get to work at half past nine. At eleven we have a coffee break. I finish work at two. Then I go home to have lunch. I usually have soup, meat or fish and salad for lunch. At four I go back to work. I work till eight in the evening. Then I go out for a short drink with my friend. She lives in my area. At ten I cook dinner. I usually have pasta and fruit for dinner. Then I read till I'm sleepy. At about midnight I go to bed. At weekends my life is more interesting because I have many hobbies!

(Formal) What's your name?
My name's Manuela Fernández
Can you spell it?
Certainly. First I'm going to spell my name, Manuela. That's M-a-n-u-e-l-a, Manuela. Shall I repeat?
No, thanks.
Now I'm going to spell my family name, Fernández. That's F-e-r-n-a-n-d-e-z, with an accent on the “a”, FernÁndez! Did you get it?

Yes, thank you. I got it!