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Review 1. Useful Language for Everyday Situations - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Review 1. Useful Language for Everyday Situations. Parts 1 & 2

listen! Listen to Part 1 external link Greetings. Saying hello, saying bye, saying thanks, congratulating, wishing well, invitations & offerings, offering to help, saying you're sorry, asking for help, making proposals, giving instructions, asking for permission, talking about abilities/skills, requests/asking for things & services
listen! Listen to Part 2 Working on it!external link Asking for information: what's, likes & dislikes, time, places, quantity, prices, frequency, people, age, origin, possession + A few tips on tenses: pres. simple vs pres. cont. with "do", past simple instead of past continuous for actions that were completed in the past, future of intention and future for predictions


For more on the future, check out my notes at

If you want to review questions and answers in the present and in the past, check out the corresponding episodes here, including Wriring Postcards: