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Talking about Myself - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Talking about Myself - Monolog(ue) to practice presentations of oneself (present)

listen! Listen external link (fixed for my Básico 1 students, course 2014-15!)

Typical order of elements in Western Cultures: basic info about the person, family/housing, occupation(s) and hobbies. Notice how the information is organized (US) / organised (UK) in paragraphs – this helps you to be tidy in your structure!

My name is Sandra Rodríguez. I am Spanish. I come from Getafe, a town in the south of Madrid, the capital of Spain. I am twenty-three years old. My hair is brown and my eyes are brown, too. I am medium height.

I live with my family in Madrid. My family isn't very big: my mother, my sister and our pet, Urko. Urko is a beautiful dog. He is very sweet and loving. My mother is a teacher. She is fifty. My sister is a nurse and she is twenty-six years old. We share the housework. I like living with them. My sister is very funny.

I am an Elementary English student. I want to learn English to travel. I love travelling! I also work, but only at the weekend. I work as a hairdresser.

I have / I've got a lot of hobbies. I like painting, dancing and swimming. I also like going to the cinema. I like music, all kinds of music! Sometimes I visit museums and art galleries.

Well, I think this all, or... do you have (US, international English) / have you got any questions? :)

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