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My Weekly Routines - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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My Weekly Routines - Monolog(ue) to practice narratives of present habits and routines

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I'm going to speak about my weekly routines. ("going to" future)

On weekdays except Friday (this is, from Monday to Thursday) I get up early – at half past seven. I have a white coffee and biscuits for breakfast and I go to work. I work from eight to five. I always have lunch at the office. I usually have a sandwich and a juice or a piece of fruit for lunch.

In the afternoon, I go to my English class. That's from five to six. After that, I go shopping for food and things for the house. Then I often listen to my audio CD. And I listen and repeat! Sometimes I do my homework. At about half past eight I cook dinner for my family and me. We usually have dinner at nine thirty. Then we watch TV or read. I often go to bed at about half past eleven.

On Friday I work from nine to one. Then I have lunch and at four I go to my course. I'm taking (present continuous) a course on the Internet. It's interesting. I finish at six. Then I go out for a drink with my friends.

At the weekend my day is different.

On Saturday, in the morning, oh well, on Saturday morning my family and I do some housework and someone goes shopping for food and things for the house. We have lunch together and we're free in the evening. I usually go out with my friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema and sometimes we go for a drink.

On Sundays we often go on an excursion to the mountain. We need fresh air! I love our excursions. They're great fun! On Sunday evening I always surf the Internet and check my mail. I usually go to bed at midnight.

I love weekends.

That's all! (300 words)