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Writing Holiday Postcards - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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Writing Holiday Postcards. Parts 1 & 2 - Writing strategies (including exam strategies) to write a holiday postcard. In this episode, apart from consolidating your use of the Present Simple & Continuous, the Past Simple and the Present Perfect, plus the "going to" future expression, you will learn exam writing strategies Before (analyzing the requirements, thinking) - While (spacing, learning to cross out) - After Writing (proofreading to check silly mistakes). You will compare a 125-word postcard to an 80-word postcard. On page 5 you will think about the uses of the "going to" future and the present perfect (this will be recorded in a prospective episode).

listen! Listen to Part 1 external link (focus: before writing, thinking about the tenses)
listen! Listen to Part 2 external link (an 125-word postcard, an 80-word postcard, focus: proofreading + other tenses)