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My Day Yesterday - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language

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My Day Yesterday - Monolog(ue) to practice a narrative on past actions and events

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What did I do yesterday? Let's see…

Yesterday I woke up at half past seven but I got up at quarter to eight! I had a shower, and then I had breakfast. I had some juice and a coffee for breakfast. Then I went to work. I got to the office at nine. I worked from nine to one and then I went out for a coffee with my colleagues. Then we went back to work. Finally, I left the office at three.

I had lunch in my grandmother's house. She's a very good cook, and she's really funny, so it was great!

In the afternoon I picked up my cousin from school. He's really cute! We walked to his house. Then I took the bus to my house.

At home, I listened to music and danced a bit. Then I read a bit, too. I had dinner at half past ten and I went to bed a bit late, at about midnight, because I was surfing the Internet for a couple of hours! I love the Net!

It was a very good day! But today I'm very sleepy!

That's all!

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