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Useful Language - Conversations - Everyday Language 001

Everyday Language 001
Language you hear in TV series and the like!

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You hear this all the time!
Come on in (It's "Come in" but then the "on" gives it a warmer, more inviting/polite, or more informal touch, as if we blended "come on, come in)
That's awesome!
Turn it up! (the volume)

It sucks – That sucks
Meaning I don't like it, That is really bad / crappy / lousy...

That rocks – You rock (my world)
Meaning I love it! That's/You're really cool / You're so very important in my life...

Are you in? (Te/os apuntáis? Are you joining in?)
I'm In (me apunto)
Is it on? (Shall we do it? Have we got a deal here?)
It's on! (Hace! OK, then -- we've got a deal! We'll do it!)
I'm out of here! (I'm leaving right away!)
Get me out of here! (Help me escape!)
I want Out! (I want to leave right away!)
I want In! (I want to be part of that)

Me suena... (I think I know that...)
(You see someone, you don't remember who it is, suddenly you realize who it is! And that you know this person)
I knew you looked familiar!
(Do you know "The Dangerous Kitchen"?)
It (actually) rings a bell... (I must have heard about it, I may actually know about it, but I can't remember just now)

What's it like?
(Your friend is in NYC)
What's it like? (What's it like in NYC?)
meaning, What is NYC like? (more detailed description) What did you do? Did you enjoy it?

(Your friend went to a party)
What was it like?
meaning, How was that? (good/bad) What was the party like? (more detailed description) What did you do? Did you enjoy it?

(Your friend got a job and is really happy about it)
What's it like?
What's it like to be a pilot / an artist?
What's it like in that company?

(Your friend moved out of his or her parents' house)
What's it like (to be independent)?
What's it like to live on your own?

Saying Hello / How are you?
Howdy! Hiya! How're things? How are you doing?
What's up? / (in short, extra cool!) Sup?
meaning, Hello, dudes / peeps / guys! What's going on?
What have you been up to, lately? (Don't use it with people you don't know – to be up to something may indicate some naughty purpose, too!)
meaning, What have you been doing lately?

Where have you been?
At home.
I went to my mum's to get my laundry (Your mother is still helping you! In this case, she gets your clothing and linens clean!)
You see, I haven't got a washing machine, and there are not laudromats in my area (or "wash-a-terias" -- fully automated and coin operated, open 24 hours a day; and in the UK, launderettes or laundrettes).
I went shopping – (I) got myself this wonderful pair of boots.
I've been here all day long.

Why don't we grab a cab? (Why don't we take a taxicab?)
Why don't we grab something to eat? (Why don't we have something to eat?)
Why don't we grab some drinks first? (Why don't we get some drinks first?)
"Grab" means "take with a sudden movement or violently or holding making pressure (like when someone grabs your arm on the bus because they're going to fall down!) But in everyday language, "grab" is used as a cool way to say "take" (like in Spanish from Spain "pillar"). Don't use "grab" in this way in formal or semiformal writing or in formal or semiformal conversations, meaning, when you don't really know the people.

Is it OK if I crash here? (Can I stay over the night?)
Can I crash at your place?
You can crash at my place (for the night)
You can crash on my couch
meaning, You can stay over (the night), I can put you up tonight
Other meanings (but there are even more): My computer crashed (ceased to work, shut down)

I've got a (huge) crush on ...! (a really strong feeling for someone, but short-lived! Often felt in our teenage)
Do you still have a crush on (whoever)?
I'm totally crazy about you!

I can't wait! (I'm really excited about whatever!)
I can't make it! (two meanings: I cannot succeed in my endeavor!, or I'm late)
You must be insane / nuts / crackers / crazy / mad (UK) / out of your mind / bananas / loony / bonkers
You must watch this movie

We cracked up! (We laughed our heads off! We started laughing like crazy)
It was so funny!
You were so funny!

Being Late
(On your cellphone) Sorry, I'm late. I can't (possibly) make it (on time). Something held me up at work. I think I might be there in half an hour. Would that be OK, or shall we meet some other day?

What a fright!
(Shriek) You scared the shit out of me!
Oh shit! You gave me a terrible fright!

You're giving me the creeps!
It was so creepy / spooky! (Eek!)

Stay Away!
Don't talk to me! I'm all cranky today!
Steer clear of me! I’m really mad! (US) (angry, pissed off, in the UK)
John is mad at me, so I've been steering clear of him