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Useful Language - Conversations - Everyday Language 002

Everyday Language 002
Language you hear in TV series and the like!

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Socializing / Doing things together
This is how we roll (Es que nos movemos así; ¡Así somos!; Así funcionamos…)
Why does everybody keep fixating on that? Nobody knew! How should I know?! ("How should I have known" would be more accurate, but when there is not ambiguity about time, people simplify!)
I can't wait! (I'm dying to… I feel very excited and impatient and want to…)

Excuse me -- The sweet sour pork is missing (nos falta el cerdo agridulce)
Excuse me -- There's a glass missing (Disculpe, nos falta un vaso)
This coke is flat. Could I have another?
This knife is blunt (El cuchillo no corta). Could we have another?
The fork is dirty. Can you please bring another?
Look! There are stains on the tablecloth, and the napkin is filthy/dirty!!
My glass is splattered with… yuk! What is it?!
This spot is too noisy. Can we sit in a quieter spot/place?
Be careful! The wine glass is cracked! Let's ask for another.
Could you uncork this for us?
Can I speak to the manager, please?
The soup is salty
This soup is tasteless!
Try this! It's really tasty!
Try this! It's yummy/delicious!
Yuk! I don't like it! You can have it.
We need some more champagne! Shall we ask for another bottle?
We'd rather sit in the Smoking Area, if that's OK with you
We'd rather sit in the Non-Smoking Area, if it's OK / if you don't mind
Listen – toothpicks are not something you wanna ask for. You should carry your own dental floss and just use it in the toilet! Where have you been, Mr Caveman?! Oh, something else: don't leave your dental floss on tables and the like! Trash it! (Put it in the dustbin/garbage can)

That movie is really mushy (soft, sentimental)
That was really mushy (what you did was…)
Don't talk to him! He's all cranky today! (No le hables; está/se ha levantado de mal humor/con el pie izquierdo; está gruñón…)

Get me out of here!
Get some clothes on!
(For the following, compare with “Grab” in UL. EL 001. (“Grab” es informal, pero puede sonar incluso macarra en contextos claramente formales)
Can I get you a drink?
Can I get you anything?
Don't forget to get the bread
Why don't we get a cab?
Why don't we get something to eat first?

In Trouble / Stay Away!
It's more than I can handle now (Me supera; Es más de lo que puedo asimilar/asumir ahora…)
I've got far too much on!
I can't cope with him/her
I can't cope with it (e.g. situation)
Things are really fucked up!
We're in trouble!
I'm screwed! – I'm fucked up!
Screw you! – Go to hell! – Piss off (UK)
Steer clear of me! (Stay away from me)
I'm really mad! (US) – I'm really pissed off (UK)
John is mad at me, so I've been steering clear of him