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Useful Language - Conversations - Problem-solving, Reaching Agreements, Moving On, Recaps

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Problem-solving, Reaching an Agreement, Moving On, Recap(itulating)

I'd like to say something
You haven't said anything for a while. What do you think?
There are four of us, we should be careful with time. Try not to speak for over two minutes each time, please.
I'm feeling a bit frustrated at this point. Why don't we take a break?
We're stuck. We're not making progress. How about taking a break?
Why don't we leave it here?
It's not worth it arguing about this, is it? Shall we agree on (whatever) and go for a drink?

So we agree on that, then.
Great / Yeepee! / Well done! / We need to celebrate!
Shall we move on to the next point? (agenda points)
Now we need to agree on (X pending issue)
Now we need to solve (whichever problem)
So that's decided, then. Any other pending question?
So that's decided, then. Anything else (to deal with)?
Anything else to talk about?
I have a proposal/suggestion
I have an idea

So X is doing this, Y is doing that and I'm going to be in charge of (whatever)
So I'll fetch your friends at the airport. We'll all come to your house, and then we'll have dinner there.
Yes, and I'll be preparing a typical Spanish omelette!
So I'll be calling everybody, you'll be doing the shopping, they'll be dealing with the invitations and the musci, and she'll be hosting the party.
Who can give a hand with cleaning?


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