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Useful Language - For Primary Teachers

List of Useful Classroom Language for primary teachers 01
Sent in by Belén (Intermediate 1, 2007-08) and completed by YT

Listen to and download these sentences at the TP Podcast external link

What are we going to do today?
Today we’re going to …
Please, listen
I’m going to tell you a story
I’m going to tell you about my day today!
Please, pay attention to me / him / her / them
Take out your books
Take out your crayons
Where’s your pencil-sharpener?
Can Mary borrow your ruler, please?
Can I borrow your rubber/eraser, please?
Bring me that, please
Take a crayon
We’re going to draw!
Take a pencil and draw…
Take your books to the shelf
Can you all see well?
I can’t see!
I can’t see well
Clap your hands!
Close your eyes
Come here, please
Fall down!
Let’s look for them!
Let’s play hide and seek!
Wave your hands
Move your body
Sing a song
Let’s sing a song!
Sit down, please
Stand up!
Calm down!
Tap your foot
Touch the tip of your nose!
Cut out (this shape)
Colour this
Copy this
Colour this well – fill in all the blanks, ok?
Colour all the blank spaces, please
Draw a boat
Copy these letters
Trace the picture carefully
Trace your letters carefully
Nod (=say yes with your head)
Shake your heads (=say no with your heads)
Point at (something red)
Point at me!
Look for (a big square thing)!
Look for (something red)!
Hold up your pictures/work, so I can see them/it!
Show me your work, please
That’s beautiful
That’s amazing
That’s really nice
That’s excellent
That’s very well
That’s fine/OK
Please, finish it
Please, do it again
That’s lovely but you need to finish it
That’s lovely but you need to colour this part, too.

I have finished!
Have you finished?
I haven’t finished yet!

Wait a moment, please
Hold on
Wait a sec!

Don’t fight, please!
Don’t hit your friend

Tidying up
Put away your books, please
Put away your things, please
Put your chairs back in place, please
Take your book(s) to the shelf
Carry your books to the shelf
Please, tidy up
Now put away your things
Put away your worksheets in your folders

Silence, please
Speak softly
Don’t speak so loud, please
Don’t shout
Stand/Sit by the wall and think about what you did
What have you got in your pocket/bag/desk?
To sleep! (position)
Put on your coats! It’s very cold outside
Take off your coats! It’s very hot in here!

What colour is this/it?
White, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, green, brown, purple, grey, black – silver and gold!
Light blue, Dark blue, A bit darker, A bit lighter
Don’t press your crayon down too hard
Press firmly
Water colours
Paint brushes
Don’t press hard with the brush
Don’t use so much water
Be careful with that
Dry that with this

Your Body
Touch your eyes / mouth / eyebrows / ears / nose / cheeks
Touch your neck / head / hair / shoulders
Touch your fingers / right hand / left hand / Hold your wrists
Touch your tummy!
Yummy! (=delicious)
Ouch! It hurts!
Touch your knees / legs / ankles / toes
Touch your bottom!

Spelling – The ABC’s
a-b-c-d-e-f-g, (the comma denotes a short pause)
h-i-j-k-lmnop, (l-m-n-o spoken twice as quickly as rest of rhyme)
q-r-s, t-u-v, (pause between s and t)
w--x--y-and-z, (w and x last for two beats)
Now I know my ABCs,
next time won't you sing with me?

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