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Indirect Questions 02 - Sentences for your Grammar! - Useful Language

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Indirect Questions: wh- + Subject + Verb

I don't know where I put my keys
I can't remember what her phone number is!
I don't know what we have to do
I can't remember how many people are coming
I don't know when the exam is
I don't know what time the meeting starts / is
She doesn't know which you chose. Can you tell me (which)?
He doesn't remember how much that was
They can't remember where she lives
She doesn't remember how many books we need
I don't remember how you use this
We can't remember what she told us to do
I'm not sure who my teacher is
She can't remember where she parked the car
He doesn't know how a blog works
We don't know when they are coming
He is working out how long it takes us to get to Seville by car
I don't know what this means
I don't know who it is
I can't remember who he is
She doesn't remember how much it cost her
He can't remember how many people are coming to the party
I can't imagine why I did that!
I can't explain why I did that!

With to-infinitives

I don't know where to go now
I can't remember how to do this
I don't know what to do
He can't remember how many (drinks) to get
I don't know how to pronounce this
We're working out how to do this exercise!
She isn't sure who to call
We've forgotten where to put it/this
I can't remember how to use this machine!
He can't remember how to get to the airport
I'm not sure how much/long it takes (cuánto lleva)

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