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Unbowed - Books - People & Culture
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Unbowed, by Wangari Maathai

listen! Listen to an excerpt external link from chapter 7, about relationships

listen! Listen to another excerpt from chapter 4 external link, impressions in NYC!

listen! My post on this book at the Language Learning from Reading blog external link - with my language work on bits of chapter 1 and 4, as an example for my students.

listen! Check out the Maathai page on the 2018-19 C1 course blog external link - with letter to producers of the documentary on Wangari Maathai! We were given 25 DVDs as a present! Thanks so much!!

listen! Check out the Maathai collage on this 2019-20 C1.1 course post external link - to talk about this book and its author in class!