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Mary Brave Bird (Lakota Nation / USA. 1953-2013) aka Mary Crow Dog

Mary Brave Bird Mary Crow Dog 1976

First photo: of Facts on File, American Historical Images on File: The Native American Experience. Second photo: by Richard Erdoes (from this external link webpage).

Start by reading this excerpt from Lakota Woman worddoc (7 pages). This Word doc includes 2 pictures and a few links at the beginning in case you need to find out what those names refer to. Coming up... a page with vocabulary found in it connected to the American Indian nations.

If you want to help with this, send me an email or say so on the Dakota in Spain external link blog, "About" post.

About Lakota Woman (HarperPerennial, 2991), you can read here external link a summary or click on the link on your right to browse the book.

Read about Mary Brave Bird external link at NativeWiki

Read about Mary Brave Bird here external link marycrowdog) - it reaches till 1998, I think

News on her death at Native News Network external link


On the HarperCollins website, Lakota Woman has gone missing... :( I can't believe it