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By Ana Mª (Intermedio 2, 2012-13)

Task Description: An article in 120-180 words on keeping safe while hiking. Informal style. Notice the use of contractions!

How to be safe if you go walking in the country or the mountains

The most important thing is to plan things well so that we have no problems. So bfore the day trip, look at the route, and check whether it is a safe one -- visit the place if you can. Another very important point is if the weather is bad, we shouldn't go.

Then we have to prepare the things we need to take. We shouldn't forget to take a first-aid kit. Besides, there's the backpack. Remember to take a bottle of water, in case there is no drinking water on the way. Don't forget to take a rope, a compass, a torch, a map, a whistle and a camera. Make sure you wear suitable footwear to prevent blisters in your feet. You should also take energy food and dried fruits, in case you are very tired. It would be necessary to take suncream because you could sunburn.

Finally, never forget to take a mobile phone with a spare charged battery, because if you are in danger, you'll be able to call the emergency services and ask for help.

Cut down to 180 by teacher! If you do not comply with the word limit, you fail your exercise. So remember this!