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Mini-sagas by 2013-14 Avanzado 2 - Your Writings - Your Stuff!

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Unforgettable, by Felipe (Y5B)

One day, I got up in the morning and I started to think of a dream I had during the night because I had been dreaming in English. Throughout the day, I realized the great effort I had been doing in improving my English. It made one of my days.


You held my hand when I was a child, then I held your hand when you needed me. Today I need your hand again, but you are not here. I miss you. You, my friend, my best advisor and my dearest dad ... The world is not the same without you.

By María José L. (Y5B)

Love, death, sadness, work, pain, money, hunger, family, tears, laughter, happiness… Are we worried about something else? We are selfish with what we don't possess. We are afraid about what we don't have. We have problems to accept not being right. Are we really happy with our lives?

Bike accident, by Jesús (Y5B)

Years ago I was competing in a mountain bike race. Unfortunately, as I tried to overtake competitors, my front wheel slid because of the grass on the ground. I flew over the handlebars with such bad luck that I crashed into a rock. Luckily, I only broke some front bones.