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Mini-Sagas about fear

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By Kika (Y5C, 2007-08)
We are born with a sane pinch of fear that helps us recognize ‘danger’ situations. As a basic ingredient in our personality, it could be modeled by our culture, education or social environment. So being true we learn how to fear, it’s also true that we can conquer it.

By Beatriz (Y5B, 2007-08)
The water is disappearing and I cannot breathe. I am being carried out and the tube is so narrow my bones crack. I am dying. A light blinds me and the noise is deafening. My lungs burst. Somebody beats me in the bottom and I cry. I have been born!

By CPG (Y5C, 2007-08)

'I ask myself how to kill the fear' is a Conrad quotation. African war lords know the answer. Child soldiers are the best army in the world because they can fire a gun and stab people to death. These children obey blindly with no conscience because they have no fear.