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Sentences for your grammar! - Useful Language
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Sometimes learning an example can help us remember our theoretical knowledge and how to use it!

Here are some examples of mine. Find your own sentences and send them in.

point Relative Clauses: Intro New! (Intermediate) who (that), which (that), whose (possession), when (in which), where (in which)
point Relative Clauses: Consolidation New! (Upper Intermediate/Advanced) Oral drilling
point Phrasals (1) - with audio - from B2 New English File
point Prepositions of Place and Movement (1) - with audio - from the C1 New English File
point Comparative structures - the ... the ...
point Possessives with indefinites & double genitive
point Indirect Questions (2) - with audio at the TP Podcast
point Indirect Questions (1) - with audio at the TP Podcast!
point To remember the use of Infinitives & Gerunds (1)



point Some related audios at Downloads, Useful sentences by structure.