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Selected Radio Programs (Be sure to check out our Podcast section!)
Send in your suggestions! YT's selections for classroom activities (like these)
Use these audios to practice skimming (listen several times and then try to explain in your own words what the episode is about) and to practice Self-Dictations... use them to take dictations of certain sentences you understand well.

From BBC International Radio (UK) - the Weekender - listen and read about some vocabulary
point Politeness External Link (6 min)
point Clubbing External Link
point The Tube External Link

point London life external link every Wednesday!

Moments of Science: 2-minute programs External Link by the Indiana University (Real Player audio + scripts).
point Earth on the Move External Link
point Your Dog's Got Mail External Link
point Purring External Link
point Slicing Up Language 2 External Link
point Brain in Love External Link
point Sleep 1 & 2 External Link
point Air Turbulence External Link
point Fasten Your Seatbelt External Link
point Hurricanes in California? External Link

US American Radios

Current Affairs

point In NY, "horror stories" and Halloween External Link (NPR - US American accent + Sri Lankan accent) Listen and summarize
point On gay marriage External Link (from an NPR interview)
point GQ explains why he chooses to rap about violence External Link
point Niloofar Shahmohammadi shares what it's like to be a Muslim in the Midwest External Link
point On the differences between cities and developing connections in new places External Link

point Free Alternative Radio mp3 downloads External Link on varios topics.
Free samples (6 min):
point Noam Chomsky on War Crimes & Imperial Fantasies External Link
point Angela Davis on Radical Multiculturalism External Link
point Michael Moore on Stupid White Men External Link
point Naomi Klein on Debacle in Iraq External Link