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TP Listening/Speaking Activities - Exercises

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bullet 2011 Exercises using online videos by topic (for Upper Intermediate - Advanced)
bullet Exercises using free podcast episodes (Intermediate - Advanced)
bullet Listening Activities for Elementary/Pre-Intermediate students (Básicos)
bullet 2011 Fill-in-the-gap activities using 2009-11 BBC news items (Upper Intermediate)
bullet Fill-in-the-gap activities using 2005 BBC news items (Intermediate)
bullet HotPotatoes various kinds of on-line exercises
bullet Listening Comprehension on The Vagina Monologues (Advanced)
bullet Activities with documentaries: The Baby Human, How Art Made the World, & Yellowstone in Winter
bullet Activities with TV series: Dramatized Readings of Scripts; Seinfeld The Apartment Word doc (2 pages). Season 2

bullet For activities with songs, check out our Audios - Music section!

bullet Speaking Activities & Oral Drilling

Listen-n-Repeat Activities
Source Work Kind of text/activity
YT Clothing and Footwear, Hairstyles... Listen & Repeat
YT Pronunciation of the -ed ending Listen & Repeat (it's got the audio)

Check out The Talking People Podcast external link

bullet Activities with movies
bullet Dictations