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Please, check out our section Projects - Free Resources, to find the link to Make Internet TV, and listen to the audiovisual on the site

TV Series: Learning useful language in daily life situations, at home/in class

Have you got TV series in English at home? Check how much you understood & learn more reading their scripts!!! You can learn (listen & repeat) a lot of useful vocabulary, expressions and sentences watching TV series, and they only last 20-30 minutes (which is an advantage for people with little free time).

Exercises here: The Simpsons: Listening exercises at Your Stuff!

Seinfeld: Here's a listening exercise on an episode.

Funny TV ads external link with tapescript and a description of the procedure you should follow to use them to learn!

The 2006 TV spot of Buy Nothing Day external link

Watch TVs from all over the world! external link When you click on the country on your left, then scroll down the box in the middle, till you find the table with all the TVs in that country.