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Articles & Other - Read!

arrow House of Light and Shadow, by Nicholas Gage

arrow Job Interviews (from The World - People & Culture)
arrow The World of Work (from Skills - Writing)

arrow "Learning to Think as an Adult. Core Concepts of Transformation Theory" Word doc (1 page), By Jack Merizow.
arrow The Oscars: Environmental Achievements of the 79th Annual Academy Awards pdf file (6 pages, 2007)
arrow Mission: Possible. An Interview with Vanessa Redgrave + teamwork exercises
arrow Art and Science pdf file (12 pages, 2003)
arrow Read about mobiles and learn their vocabulary! Plus exercise
arrow Identify the theme in this short story: There's a Man Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella, by Fernando Sorrentino.
arrow Read this text and do a Reading Comprehension exercise: Ghosts -- fact or fiction?
arrow Dating - classifieds
arrow English Slang For Perplexed Tourists (TV and Cockney)
arrow Summarize this text: So You Wanna Clean Your Apartment? Word doc (2 pages) Check out Speaking for housing issues
arrow Scientific Article: The Kindness of Strangers Word doc (3 pages, advanced)
arrow Autobiography: Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane by Calamity Jane Word doc (2 pages, intermediate)
arrow Performances: Blacks Word doc (1 page) by Lenny Bruce.

arrow Reading by Topics (for subsequent discussions). Meeting People - Read and talk about it in class! Body Language External Link Body Language: Get Confident External Link Flirting and Body Language: First Impressions Count! External Link First date conversation External Link
arrow If you're interested in the human body & mind External Link try this link to a BBC website. It's full of interesting reading, and it's also got interactive stuff, like a body where you can place all body parts and tests to find out things about yourself!
arrow Lecturas interesantes External Link in our Secondary website, which includes bilingual reading like If Men Could Menstruate External Link (Advanced) or texts in English with an on-line glossary, like If a dog were your teacher... External Link (Intermediate).